Your Story Matters...

Hey guys

Hope you’re well and the work on your books goes well! I have some news, announced in The Bookseller this morning.

This little newsletter is going to be a whole actual book! In 2021, Bluebird (who are publishing my memoir) are publishing a new creative writing book from me! It’s called Your Story Matters: A Practical Guide to Finding Your Voice and Telling the Stories that Matter to You…

Much like this newsletter, Your Story Matters will be ‘a uniquely empowering writing guide, going far beyond technical style and incorporating tips on how to feel empowered to share their experience in memoir or fiction. Your Story Matters draws on Shukla’s vast experience of mentoring young writers and those from marginalised backgrounds. Shukla’s advice invites everyone – whether they consider themselves to be writers or not, and whatever their level of expertise – to express their experiences and thoughts and capture their truth.’

I've been mentoring writers for years, and a lot of them have gone on to great success. One of the things I've always been keen on, whether it was curating and editing or developing writers, is to use my experience to empower writers to tell the stories that matter to them. As I've been teaching more and more recently this book feels like the natural conclusion to the work I've been doing over the last decade. I'm so happy to be working with the gloriously open and sensitive editor Carole Tonkinson and the team at Bluebird to bring this project to all the writers out there who just need writing advice to be clear, informal, achievable and honest.

Thank you for being here, sticking with me and reading the newsletters and interacting. I’m so happy to see this work find a bigger audience. I hope you are too.

Much love.


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